plusdoor magnetic plastic curtain

Monday، ۹ Aabaan ۱۴۰۱

plusdoor magnetic plastic curtain This product is designed to prevent energy loss in summer and winter In the cold season of the year, it prevents the exit of hot air inside the building and store to the outside, and in the summer season, it prevents the exit of cool air from the air conditioner. Also, plastic magnetic curtain Plusdoor is suitable to prevent dust and pollution from entering the building The plastic material used is the best type of UV-resistant PVC plastic, which is very resistant to intense sunlight or extreme cold and does not change its shape. The material of the magnet used is permanent ceramic type with a protective plastic coating The special adhesive for the installation of Plasdar magnetic plastic curtains is selected and designed in such a way that it maintains its strength against different weather conditions. Very easy to install without any tools Can be produced in your desired dimensions Plastic material: 025 thickness external UV PVC Magnet material: permanent ceramic magnet with plastic protective coating Adhesive material: fluffy adhesive zipper with Teza gel adhesive, very strong and resistant to high temperature and sunlight The edges of the curtain are embroidered with special fabric and the bottom of the curtain is sewn with high quality and durable tarpaulin Please contact us for any need for advice on the preparation of Plus door magnetic plastic curtains with the dimensions you want WhatsApp number 09308716016 Contact number 09130293080-09010314708 Advice for buying in bulk 09308716016